Nokia Podcasting and

Even though only unfolds its full potential (Seamless Playback on the Go and more) with compatible apps (gPodder), it also offers publishing your personal OPML-file containing your podcasts. This is especially useful with Nokia Podcasting as it makes importing your Podcasts over-the-air very easy. No more copy’n’pasteing URLs to Podcasting or manually sending OPML-files via Bluetooth.

First get started with (install the desktop client to add your first device so that you can subscribe to podcasts This schould no longer be necessary). Then publish your OPML-File or get the private URL to your Phone ( symbian can do copy’n’paste since ages, remember ? ;-)). Update: Just add ?symbian=true#.opml to get an OPML made specifically for Nokia Podcasting.

Start Nokia Podcasting on your phone (available on any Nokia Symbian phone) and Go to „Directories“.

Nokia Podcasting MainNokia Podcasting Add Directory

Now add a new „Web Directory“ using the URL to your gPodder OPML-file.

Nokia Podcasting New DirectoryNokia Podcasting Directories

Now you can easily import your subscriptions. Unfortunately Nokia Podcasting displays the podcasts description instead of its title, so you might have to guess a little if you want to select a specific podcast (or look at the raw opml-file 😉
This is fixed by adding ?symbian=true
Nokia Podcasting Directory View