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Turn your business into a worker owned cooperative in five easy steps!

She also encourages business owners to think about what they really wanted to build and where it’s going to go after they’re gone.

Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists

Der Heilige Geist der Wissenschaft sagt:

“Overall, a compelling body of evidence has accumulated that clearly demonstrates that the wide-scale use of these persistent, water-soluble chemicals is having widespread, chronic impacts upon global biodiversity and is likely to be having major negative effects on ecosystem services such as pollination that are vital to food security“

Das ist ein politischer Prozess | schmetterlingssammlung

Wir sind aber schon mitten drin in unserer eigenen Dystopie. Manchmal ist es fast schmerzhaft kitschig wie sich Geschichte gleicht. Dann wenn entschlossener Antifaschismus am Notwendigsten wird beginnen Bürgerliche ihn zu kriminalisieren. Weil sie ihn mehr fürchten, als den Faschismus. Weil sie sich durch Antifaschismus angegriffen fühlen und ihr eigenes Nichtstun reflektieren müssten. Und weil es nicht sein darf, dass es eine selbstbewusste linke Szene gibt. Egal in welchem Bereich. Nicht bei Tierschützer_innen, nicht bei Refugees und nicht bei AntiFas.

Ther is no symmetry!

Media accounts that misrepresent the importance of the growing electoral support for Syriza as the rise of leftwing „extremism“ must be countered in the strongest of terms. There is no contemporary symmetry between the so-called „extremism“ of left and right.

The success of a democratic public debate, however, depends upon truth and transparency in the media representation of political movements and their claims. We demand vigilant attention to the difference between political objections to austerity that seek greater inequality and those that seek greater equality. Only then can we see more clearly how the future of democracy is at stake.
Judith Butler, Etienne Balibar, Costas Douzinas, Wendy Brown, Slavoj Zizek, Chantal Mouffe, Toni Negri, Joanna Bourke, Sandro Mezzadra, Drucilla Cornell, Engin Isin, Bruce Robbins, Simon Critchley, Jacqueline Rose, Eleni Varika, Micael Lowy, Jean-Luc Nancy, Jodi Dean