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  • How to continue ethically.

    We are beginning badly. Bullshit fruit is the only fruit you get from a bullshit tree. What do we call the business of owning and trading everything … about a person that makes them who they are … ? People Farming, surveillance capitalism. The business model of mainstream technology under surveillance capitalism is people farming […]

  • Foodcoops und die Wirtschaftskammer: Warum wir die Guten sind

    Sie meint es also ernst, die Wirtschaftskammer. In wenigen Tagen dürften die ersten Foodcoops in Oberösterreich angezeigt werden, weil sie angeblich ohne Gewerbeschein ein Gewerbe ausüben. Doch was ist überhaupt ein Gewerbe? Und warum sind Foodcoops ganz sicher keines?

  • Danieeeeel!

  • JedesK!ND – die BildungsNGO will Deine Ideen hören!

    Es tut sich was in der österreichischen Bildungslandschaft. JedesK!ND, die Bildungs-NGO bittet um Eure Mienung! Hier die meinige: Was wäre deiner Ansicht nach die wichtigste Intervention (Verbesserungsmaßnahme) zu jedem unserer drei Grundpfeiler? 1) Kein Kind darf zurückgelassen werden Heute ist unsere Bildungssystem noch immer von streng hierarchischen Machtstrukturen geprägt, die es sehr leicht machen einzelne […]

  • On being targeted by the NSA | The Tor Blog

    It’s worth emphasizing that we designed bridges for users in countries like China and Iran, and here we are finding out about attacks by our own country. Does reading the contents of those mails violate the wiretap act? Now I understand how the Google engineers felt when they learned about the attacks on their infrastructure […]

  • Wikipedia Zero – Wikimedia Foundation

    Imagine a world in which every single human being on the planet has equal access to the sum of all knowledge.

  • 20 Years After NAFTA, Many Worlds Are Possible

    Aus aktuellem Anlass: Alles Gute!

  • The Big Picture

    Turn your business into a worker owned cooperative in five easy steps! She also encourages business owners to think about what they really wanted to build and where it’s going to go after they’re gone.

  • Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists

    Der Heilige Geist der Wissenschaft sagt: “Overall, a compelling body of evidence has accumulated that clearly demonstrates that the wide-scale use of these persistent, water-soluble chemicals is having widespread, chronic impacts upon global biodiversity and is likely to be having major negative effects on ecosystem services such as pollination that are vital to food security“ […]

  • The Internet’s immune system

    The problem and the beauty about hackers: They just can’t see something broken in the world and leave it be. They are compelled to either exploit it or try and change it…