In fact, the future of education was invented in 1906

The future of education is here. It’s got nothing to do with laptops. It was invented well over a century ago. What are we waiting for?

Liebe Nudelsiebträger*innen und sonstige Hardcoreinternetatheist*innen: Werft eure Kohle doch bitte über eine wissenschaftliche Schule und nicht irgendeine (womöglich konfessionelle) Privatschule!

„People who talk about Montessori education often talk about some of the specifics–no grades, child-size objects, students choose their own activities, the same set of materials in every classroom, etc. but that’s missing the point. Montessori education was so groundbreaking because it was the first (and, to my knowledge), scientific education method. By which I mean the following: every other education method is based on an abstract model of the child and then derives education methods from that. Maria Montessori, a doctor and a researcher, went the other way around: she experimented with methods and, based on the results, built up a theory of the child, which she then tested and refined through experiment.“

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