Police Brutality

Auf BoingBoing wird auf diesen Bericht hingewiesen, der es am 29. auf Fark schaffte (ja so funktioniert die Blogosphere ;-):

HUDSON – Police officer David Devore just didn’t appreciate John Bell III’s „whimsical sense of humor.“

When Bell, 38, took digital pictures Feb. 6 of Devore’s police cruiser stuck in the mud and being towed out of a ditch after an errant U-turn, Devore got angry. He took the memory card from Bell’s digital camera and erased the images.

Now the two are headed for court, with Bell suing Devore and the city for more than $25,000 in punitive damages, claiming his civil rights were violated because he was stopped without probable cause, wrongfully detained, verbally abused and deprived of his property.

Why did Bell take the pictures?

„His motivation was his whimsical sense of humor,“ attorney Dean Hoover said.

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