Hier 2 textstellen die das ganze gut darstellen aus einem Artikel den ich gestern gelesen habe:

All such activity has been surveillance: organizations observing people. One way to challenge and problematize both surveillance and acquiescence to it is to resituate these technologies of control on individuals, offering panoptic technologies to help them observe those in authority. We call this inverse panopticon ?sousveillance? from the French words for ?sous? (below) and ?veiller? to watch.

When such data collection is done by ordinary people, such as the performers, to other ordinary people, it is often accepted. However, when data projectors show surveillance officials the data that has been collected about them, there is less acceptance. Organizational personnel responsible for surveillance generally do not accept sousveillance from the „ordinary people“ performers, even when data displays reveal what the sousveillers are recording.

Surveillance & Society 1(3): 331-355
© 2003 Surveillance & Society and the author(s). All rights reserved. ISSN: 1477-7487
Sousveillance: Inventing and Using Wearable
Computing Devices for Data Collection in
Surveillance Environments
Steve Mann1, Jason Nolan2 and Barry Wellman3

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